A Letter From Qian Haohan’s Parents

In 2016, my family and I made the best decision of my child’s educational career thus far. We transferred my son to BRFLS. Haohan QIAN is currently a student in grade five class two. He transferred to BRFLS in May 2016, and only after just six months, we saw improvement in his academics and transformation in attitude towards school. It brings us much joy to see the changes Haohan has made at BRFLS in this short amount of time.

Every parent wants the best for their child, especially when it comes to education. We chose BRFLS to ensure that our son would have a solid foundation in all subject areas from the start.

Fortunately, a friend recommended us to BRFLS, and we were able to enroll shortly after. From our first visit to the school, we were impressed by its exquisite appearance and modern facilities. As we walked to the classroom, some children recognized that we were new to the school and showed us the way. Through this simple act, we were able to see that the school not only cares about the students’education, but their development of etiquette as well. All of the children we spoke with were very kind and energetic.

Ultimately, we selected with BRFLS to put my son in a new environment. He started school feelingapprehensive, but only half a year in he had completely transformed. Scores aside, having a positive attitude in school is what’s most important. He went from being unmotivated, to listening in class and completing his homework on time. My son has made a complete 180.

I want to thank my son’s homeroom teacher, MeiHong HUANG. Miss Huang is friendly, sincere, and amiable. I can see that she is genuinely concerned about the students’ progress in learning, life skills, and behavior. I think having a teacher that focuses on all of these traits is the best thing for children. I am grateful that she was my son’s teacher.

I would also like to thank my son’s Chinese teacher, Mr. CAI. His teaching was exceptional and he was always encouraging my son to do his best. When my son had just transferred to BRFLS, Chinese was his weakest subject. But Mr. CAI ignited his interest in the subject beyond our expectations. My son’s new Chinese teacher, FU, is also an exceptional teacher. When I had first met her she took time to chat with me about my son’s progress in her class, even though she was very busy. I feel so fortunate to have met so many outstanding teachers at BRFLS!

To my surprise, my son enrolled in the school’s choir. He loved to sing, be we didn’t know this. Led be the teacher Jia YANG, my son is always motivated to practice the songs over and over again during the weekend. This interest has intrigued everyone in the family. This past December, the choir participated in the Ninth Chinese Art Festival Chorus Competition and won a gold medal. At their New Years Day performance, my 70-year-old grandmother was moved to tears because she was so proud of her grandson. As I watched my son on stage, I am astonished at how much he has grown. He has gone beyond all of our expectations.

We admire the school’s and President REN’s teaching philosophy. Which is why we enrolled our child into BRFLS this year. Although my son is still very young, we are confident that he will learn a lot and grow to love this school.