A Letter From YaXian TANG’s Parents

I enrolled my first-grade son Tom to BRFLS due to its global teaching approaches and the variety of its interest classes. Tom’s choir, ‘Colorful Dreams Choir’, beautifully symbolizes the school’s mission of encouraging students to pursue their wonderful dreams.

Tom, despite having to face the higher standards of the choir on his second semester, adjusted quickly thanks to the teachers’ guidance. I was deeply grateful for the teachers who sacrificed their precious personal time in order to help students become better prepared at the 11th International Music Festival for Juveniles.

On December 17th, 2016, “Colorful Dreams” choir team made their debut at the 11th IMFJ by singing “The Shepherd Boy” and “Clap Your Hands and Sing Hallelujah”. After his performance, my son Tom told me that he felt extremely proud of the beautiful music which he created on stage.” I truly believe that Tom’s confident emotions were the product of his immersion in music, heartwarming teamwork, and the passionate help from the teachers.

Moreover, it has been brought to my attention that my son’s language abilities as well as his classroom attitude have significantly improved. It must have been Tom’s choir experience that has brought such changes to him. Tom and I were both very glad with the fact that he had chose to spend time as a member of the choir.We look forward to his upcoming experiences, and would like to express our special thanks to the team of ‘Colorful Dreams’, the teachers, and BRFLS for giving my son a magical experience.