A Letter From 3(4) Dong Xiaofu’s Parent – Care My Child Like Her Own Child


Dear school leaders:

I am parent of Dong Xiaofu who is studying in 3(4) in RFLS. My child had a hard time when he was in Grade 2. He could not catch up with other students. This situation led him to struggle with concentrating in class. As his parent, I was so worried. So was his homeroom teacher.
The biggest help that I got was from Principle Julia Ren. She has rich experience in education. Within our discussion, she gave me individual suggestions very patiently. I was like a student listening to her. In my heart, Principle Ren is a caring teacher to all the parents. She cares for my child like her own child. Also, she allowed me to stay with my child in school, which meant she had to break the school rules.
In addition, I would like to give my gratitude to Xiaofu’s homeroom teacher Ms. Zhang. She always encourages him and even sacrificed her resting time to give him personal tutorials.
Now, Xiaofu has improved a lot. It is not hard for him to pay attention on class, hand in the homework on time and give answers actively.

I feel so proud of him! Thanks to all teachers and leaders’ help in RFLS. In this letter, I give all my best wishes to RFLS. I believe there will be more and more talented people who are useful to his society walking out from this school.

By: Li Shiqing