Fly Away, Little Eagle! – A Letter From 1(6) Wu Guoxuan’s Parents.

Dearest son:
This is my first time writing a letter to you ever since you came to the world with the sound of crying. Six years have passed; you have become a happy student of RFLS! I feel proud of you.

When we went to the Panjiayuan antique market last time, we walked around a tiresome distance to finally buy what we needed. When I asked if you were tired, you replied with a smile; ‘I am not tired mom. We need to keep trying until we succeed.’ I felt really touched by your determined words.

You have a rich imagination in your mind! You are brave, kind and responsible. As a parent, however, I wanted you to be a little more independent.

When I had to choose between a public school and RFLS, I decided to ask for your opinion. When I did, you said, ‘If I go to the public school, I can spend more time with my grandparents on the weekdays. However, there are no interest classes in the school. If I go to RFLS, I can learn piano and painting! Although I will be far away from home, I can experience different things! I want to study in England when I grow up, so I really need to study English as well!”

I was shocked by your answer. Mommy decided to respect your decision. The process of you becoming independent will make you stronger.

Now you are happy in RFLS. Mommy also feels happy with our decision. I hope you can improve yourself and become a confident person. Always remember to treat people well, not to judge others, and to find the good in people and the world.

Dear son, keep a positive attitude towards the world, especially when you are struggling. This is the most important trait that a happy person should have.

I wish I can go back to this beautiful and innocent age like you. You are like a baby eagle who is ready to fly away from his nest. Mommy believes that you can become whoever you want to be.

Dearest son, enjoy your life in BRFLS! BRFLS is the best platform for you to give full play of your potential!