Choose the Most Suitable School For My Child—A Letter From 3(3) Dai Muhe’s Parents

My child Dai Muhe is actually a transfer student who is currently studying in Grade 3, class 3 at RFLS. In this letter, I would like to share my son’s first semester here at RFLS.

In my opinion, there is no best school for a child. There is, however, the school that is most suitable for a child. After having sent my boy to a public school for 2 years, I finally determined that a public school environment was not suitable for him. Having nearly 50 students in a single classroom, my son was not receiving the individualized attention which he needed. Therefore, I chose to send Muhe to RFLS despite facing disagreements and misunderstandings coming from my friends.
Academically, RFLS was a good choice for my son. My son, however, was having some hard time getting used to being a boarding student. As a young boy, I can only imagine how having to leave home for a week can make him feel.

Thanks to the homeroom teacher Ms. Wang and the dormroom teacher Ms. Pei, Muhe adjusted fairly quickly. Ms. Wang was proactive in creating a welcoming classroom atmosphere so that Muhe would not feel left out. In addition, Ms. Pei ensured that Muhe was roommates with his outgoing and kind classmates so that he can get the emotional support which he needed from being homesick. She even suggested Muhe to call me after the evening classes for extra relief. I was grateful towards the two teachers’ considerate attitude towards my son.

The other challenge for him was English. As RFLS is a foreign language school, the English level of students here are normally higher those of the students in the public schools. When he first started his school career here, he did not even know how to write the 26 alphabets. I was worried that he was too frustrated to learn English. With the consistent encouragement from the English teacher Ms. Liu Yu, Muhe became very confident with his English. I felt so proud of him! It was great seeing how my son, despite the lack of his English skills, were trying his best to become better at the language.

I can truly feel that Muhe’s studying passion is increasing day by day. He always showed me what he learned from school This passion motivated him to pay close attention to class, and make further progress on his studies
I want to give credit to the math teacher Ms. Wang for my son’s progress. Her ‘little teacher’ system helps reserved students to be more outspoken by giving them the chance to give explanations using their own words. Thanks to the math teacher, Muhe now enjoys math. Moreover, with his changed personality, he became the class monitor of for the semester!

I have no doubt that my boy will become an independent, confident and positive person when he grows up. Being in RFLS, he has found a group of like-minded friends and excellent instructors in his life.

I really hope that the students will develop a rich knowledge through the integration of eastern and western learning philosophies. They will be able to build a stronger identity through the broadening of their perspectives.

I made a right decision for my boy and I believe he will spend a happy childhood in this school. I give all my best wishes to RFLS!