Beijing Royal School Hosted An Overseas Alumni Forum on Campus


On July 10, Beijing Royal School hosted an Overseas Alumni Forum on campus. BRS Chief Principal Mr. Wang Guangfa extended a warm welcome to all the families and then shared an introductory speech outlining BRS’s educational philosophy and the world-class education offered at our school. He emphasized that BRS’s commitment has been and continues to be focusing on a holistic approach to student success. This commitment manifests not only through our teaching quality and attention to cultivation of individual talents, but also through our attentive and disciplined student management, our focus on moral education and social responsibilities, and our goal to cultivate each and every student’s international competence in order to compete at a global level.

The Forum featured BRS Alumni panel discussions that invited three overseas alumni and one graduating student to share: how they discovered their true passions in life at Beijing Royal School; how their learning experiences enabled them to succeed at university; what they value most about their BRS education, and how their BRS education empowered them to succeed after graduating. They also answered any questions or concerns posed by members of the audience, including: how to direct one’s high school studies towards a college major, how to choose one’s study-abroad destination, and when is the proper time to begin planning and preparation for issues regarding for studying abroad.

The Speakers were: Ms. Liu, a BRS Class of 2013 graduate, currently working at Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB); Ms. Wang, a BRS Class of 2018 graduate, currently studying in the Master’s of Public Administration Program at Columbia University, who was also student sponsor of the UN Women’s Change-Makers Gender Equality Program, and Chinese representative to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)Youth Forum; Ms. Luan, a BRS Class of 2015 graduate, currently working as Head of Social Responsibility, McKinsey Greater China; and Mr. Zhang, a BRS Class of 2021 graduating student, who will be matriculated into the University of Rochester this fall.


Families also enjoyed an action-packed schedule, including an introduction about our educational philosophy and international curriculum for junior-high and senior-high schools; information regarding our college guidance counseling; a tour of the campus; and a visit to our school’s second classroom in the Living Area, in addition to providing prospective families with more insight into BRS’s extra-curricular activities, life on campus. Families also enjoyed the opportunity to learn about how our students excel through participation in various enrichment activities in addition to their academic studies.


The event was well-received and greatly appreciated by the participants. We look forward to welcoming prospective students and their families into our big BRS community.