BRS Class of 2021 Worldwide Offers from Prestigious Universities

As the academic year is coming to an end, BRS is proud to share and congratulate BRS Class of 2021 graduates on the 1,429 university offers they have received as of July, totaling $4.75 million in scholarships they have earned as a group. It is gratifying to see the number of Class of 2021 graduates who received scholarships amounted to 47%.


Not only have BRS students qualified for acceptance into UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), UCB (University of California, Berkeley) and other top schools in the University of California System; and qualified for acceptance into the University of Chicago three consecutive years in a row, in particular we would like to note that we received two offers from the University of Chicago this year; qualified for admissions into Ivy League Cornell University in the United States; and once again qualified for admissions into the New York University Abu Dhabi, also known as the world’s most difficult school to which one can apply; but they also have received acceptance offers from top-notch, high-caliber universities offering highly sought-after programs in countries and regions all around the world, including the U.K.’s “G5 Super Elite University” institutions; Canada’s Top 3 Universities; and Australia’s highly regarded G8 Universities.


The reason why BRS graduates earned such prominent scores and received so many acceptance offers can definitely be attributed to their hard work. In addition, teachers’ and parents’ dedication and cultivation of the students interests and, even more noteworthy, BRS’s comprehensive and dedicated approach to cultivating academic and personal talents of each student has greatly contributed as well.


BRS’s scientific and comprehensive international curriculum system, including AP, A-Level and IB, satisfies students’ needs with not only a solid academic foundation, but also a well-rounded curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Students are regularly provided with various platforms through which they may broaden their international perspective, including seven consecutive years of participating in UNESCO Mobile Learning Week, participation in the UN Women’s Peer Leadership for Healthy Relationship Programme, and many more. These international platforms have not only helped our students to further their education and to pursue their dreams, but also have prepared them to compete at a global level.


The school also has built partnerships with many internationally influential academic organizations and institutions, in order to be eligible to participate in academic competitions and practical activity programs. Some of these organizations and institutions include the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Association for Science and Technology, Oxford Entrepreneurs Association, Harvard Medical School, Duke University, and many others.


Once students become a BRS student, they are guided by our professional counselors regarding college choices, the application process, determining one’s major and career planning. Students learn to identify their strengths, to discover and cultivate personal interests as well as academic pursuits, and to eventually matriculate into their dream university.


We are extremely proud that the Class of 2021 has performed admirably throughout these unprecedented, challenging times, as they navigated their way through the difficulties and constant changes of learning. These offers demonstrate the efforts and showcase the quality and excellent work our BRS seniors have committed to during the past three years. They are a great credit to themselves, their families and to our school. Well done, Class of 2021!