Congratuations to BRS Class of 2021 on Their IBDP Results


We are proud of our graduating Class of 2021 and happy to  congratulate them on their IB Diploma Programme (DP) results. The 2021  IBDP results are consistently high, with a 100%  pass rate for IBDP, and a  37.33  mean score for our IBDP students (45 max), and a 33.3%  student ratio who scored above 40.  In  addition,  there were also full scores achieved in Chinese A, English B, Business Management, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Visual Arts.


The pass rate for the BRS IB Diploma in 2021 was 100% and many IB Diploma Programme students were accepted into top-notch, high-caliber world universities, such as the University of Chicago, Emory University, McGill University, University of Toronto, New York University Abu Dhabi and Parsons School of Design. These results are indicative of not only BRS’s commitment to the quality of teaching, but also to BRS’s comprehensive and dedicated approach to cultivating academic and personal talents of each student as well.


Congratuations to the BRS Class of 2021 on their IB Diploma Results! All credit goes to our students for  their hard work and to our teachers and parents for their dedication and support.