BRS End-of-Year Work Report Meeting for the Living Area, Cafeteria and Campus Security


On January 5, the Beijing Royal Campus End-of-Year Work Report Meeting for the Living Area, Cafeteria and Campus Security was held in the Auditorium Meeting Room. School leaders, department heads and staff from the kindergarten, Primary, Junior High and Senior High school divisions were in attendance. Using this opportunity to reflect upon and to summarize the previous year, each department’s representative presented their review and reflection of this past year’s work, as well as their preparations and plans for the upcoming year.


The Living Area:

During the previous year, the Living Area focused on establishing itself as a Secondary Classroom, holding a variety of activities designed to create a homey atmosphere for our students.  Meanwhile, the Living Area functioned as an online learning and offline training area, improving the workflow system and strengthening the standardized and democratic management of the student dormitory.


The Cafeteria:

BRS’s cafeterias consistently set and maintain a high standard for food quality. In regards to the previous year’s work, our cafeteria management team mainly focused on enhancing food education, reducing food waste, and upgrading the dining environment.  Activities such as the Greatest Chef Competition and the Clean Your Plate Campaign allowed our cafeterias to not only function at maximum effectiveness but to target nutritional needs and preferences of our students.


Campus Security:

The Logistics Service Department reported on their work related to the campus safety management in the previous year, especially those efforts for strengthening the South Gate traffic safety and on-campus fire safety.



During this meeting, each department’s leaders and staff exchanged and discussed the work carried out throughout the campus regarding overall campus safety, food safety, learning from each other’s experiences and more effectively optimizing the workflow of each department to avoid possible future work problems. The Chief Supervisor of Beijing Royal Campus Mr. Cen Jianjun acknowledged our staff’s dedication to maintaining exemplary campus environment and safety practices and targeted four future goals: to cultivate our students’ self-confidence, self-discipline, self-study habits and self-independence.


Campus Safety permeates all aspects of school life here at BRS. We will continue providing a safe and nurturing environment for all members of the BRS campus community and striving to make BRS a better place for learning and living.