BRS Hosted Admissions Officers from the University of Toronto for A Counseling and Public Information Session

On December 15, BRS hosted visiting senior admissions officers from the University of Toronto for a counseling and public information session.  Ms. Zhao Xin, Director of the University of Toronto China Office, and Mr. Cao Fei, International Admissions Specialist of the University of Toronto, shared information about the history, campus environment, curriculum and majors, and student life on campus, as well as crucial factors involved in college admissions processes, in particular.

Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto has evolved into Canada’s leading institution of learning, discovery and knowledge creation, and has three campus divisions: St. George Campus, Scarborough Campus and Mississauga Campus. The University of Toronto is ranked 18th globally in the 2020 World University Rankings, cementing its status as Canada’s top university, and ranked 17th in the 2021 U.S. News Ranking.

This session was aimed at helping our students better understand university admissions processes, and many BRS students took advantage of this chance to speak directly to admissions officers regarding questions and concerns they have and to learn better what universities are looking for in student applicants. Admissions officers from the University of Toronto also appreciated the opportunity to interact with BRS student applicants directly.

During the symposium which followed, BRS Executive Principal Heng Xiaojun extended a warm welcome to the University of Toronto visiting admissions officers. Mr. Heng exchanged in-depth views with them about BRS’s Canada program; discussed testing and assessment and international partnership; and spoke about former BRS graduates’ applications to the University of Toronto and other Canadian universities.

BRS also believes sessions such as this point out to our students and their families that it is best to get information and guidance directly from university admissions officers:  Their job is to assist and to help prospective students. Doing so eliminates confusion and frustration, as well as missed opportunities and deadlines. Furthermore, we encourage our students to take the college application process as a way to put their best foot forward. How they handle applying to a college showcases intercommunication skills and the ability to navigate online and paper processes for admission. Attending sessions such as this one allows students to gain ideas on how they can stand out from other applicants, in addition to finding the right path to their academic success.