Beijing Royal Campus Faculty and Staff Meeting for Year Report and Work Plan


On Jan 26-27, the Beijing Royal Campus Faculty and Staff Meeting was held on campus and livestreamed for teachers and faculty. This meeting was a culminating event of the past academic year and affirmed that the year of 2020 was still an extraordinary success, thanks to the exemplary efforts of the entire BRS faculty and staff who surmounted all of the challenges of 2020 by achieving new feats. First, the school’s middle-level leaders presented their review of the past year’s work and their plans for the upcoming new year. BRS Principal Wang Guangfa, Chief Supervisor of Beijing Royal Campus Cen Jianjun, and BRS Executive Principal Heng Xiaojun also provided important feedback, guidance and resolution.



Mr. Heng Xiaojun, Executive Principal of Beijing Royal School, expressed his confidence that BRS has made good progress in the fields of curriculum integration and reform. He emphasized five areas that BRS should focus on in the future to further enhance curriculum integration and reform: 1) integrate national and international curriculum; 2) use differentiated international curriculum systems; 3) practice interdisciplinary methodology; 4) establish a 15-year continuum of curriculum originating in kindergarten, through primary school and into junior and senior high school; 5) facilitate multi-faceted approaches to learning using sports, art and foreign language courses.



Mr. Cen Jianjun, Chief Supervisor of Beijing Royal Campus, commended the entire BRS faculty and staff on the successes achieved, specifically addressing the achievements regarding English teaching reform, and specifically noted these nine aspects: 1) cultivate primary and junior high school students’ core literacy competency using the “Little Diplomats” activity, which transits book knowledge into useful English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; 2) build and instill a solid sports culture within the senior high school population; 3) enrich students’ lives through club activities focused on students’ self-problem-solving skills; 4) establish collaborative student growth reports focused on comprehensive individualized growth; 5) establish a Secondary Classroom in the Living Area, designed with a homey atmosphere for our students to develop their living skills; 6) ensure that departments and school divisions collaborate and work as a team, rising to challenges and achieving good enrollment results; 7) optimize and reform senior high school rules and regulations in an orderly and efficient manner; 8) acknowledge that great strides have been made into collaborative methodology and practices during the school’s WASC accreditation process; 9) further promote teachers’ professional development using a variety of training activities and opportunities.



BRS Principal Wang Guangfa provided the closing remarks, acknowledging and applauding all the efforts and achievements during 2020. In particular, he noted the dedication of the entire faculty and staff who worked very hard to ensure the success of online teaching. He also put forward higher expectations, challenging everyone to self-motivate by setting higher benchmarks for future work, including emphasis on all teachers’ responsibility toward furthering academic growth through professional training and personal growth through developing leadership skills. He hopes that all BRS faculty and staff will go all in with the plans and goals of the new academic year, effecting innovative teaching methodology and consistently practicing quality of work standards representative of Beijing Royal School.


The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 25th anniversary of the founding of Beijing Royal School. We hope the entire BRS staff and faculty enthusiastically embrace all the challenges and opportunities that a new year always brings, remaining dedicated to the school’s mission of being an acclaimed centennial school!