BRS Faculty and Staff Meeting Focuses on Teaching Quality and Professional Development

On December 3rd, the BRS Faculty and Staff Meeting was held on campus. As a culminating event of this semester, this meeting affirmed that the entire BRS faculty and staff have accelerated improvements affecting teaching quality, actively optimized pedagogy, and enhanced and maintained campus safety and student management. Principal Wang Guangfa acknowledged and expressed his gratitude for the efforts and hard work of each member of BRS faculty and staff.

He noted that under the collective leadership of the BRS Campus Supervisor and the newly-appointed leaders and their teams of the school’s Primary, Junior and Senior High divisions, our efforts and accomplishments have been characterized by stability, reform, and innovation in the latter stages of the epidemic. BRS demonstrated flexibility and resilience in its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, quickly adapting to and successfully implementing best practices for online learning. Our many initiatives pave the way to a new era in education: the adoption of new teaching technologies, the focus on curriculum reform and construction of information technology to improve the quality of online and distance teaching, and the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.

He further stressed that the stable professional development of our foreign teachers at BRS is one of the most important elements for a joint-venture school. Therefore, foreign teachers will definitely have more diverse teaching positions and opportunities, including an increased focus on professional development.

Mr. Cen Jianjun, Chief Supervisor of Beijing Royal Campus, stressed several specific areas on which BRS should focus in the future: continued opening-up of our education and introduction of high quality curricula, which is the hope for our Country’s development; continued enhancement and reform of the management system; adoption of new teaching technologies and integration of both the on-site and online teaching methods.

Mr. Heng Xiaojun, Executive Principal of Beijing Royal School, expressed his confidence that BRS has made good progress and realized many achievements in the field of teaching quality. He expressed his appreciation to our foreign staff for their great efforts in teaching. He said that BRS set the goal of ‘Year of Teaching Reform’ at the beginning of this school year. With this as our goal, the entire BRS community will continue to ‘integrate to innovate’ in the fields of curriculum integration and reform, enhancing teaching quality and working diligently to provide our students with every support and the best possible education.