BRS Held Fire Drill and Fire Safety Education Activity

On November 23, the BRS fire drill and fire safety education activity was held on our campus. It is designed to increase fire safety awareness by improving reaction and response time and identifying evacuation routes for both teachers and students to use in the case of an emergency.

The school implemented meticulous arrangements for this drill, including a detailed floor-by-floor evacuation route and an efficient evacuation plan to guide students and teachers to a designated safe area. Firefighters from Changping District Fire Brigade provided guidance for this drill and conducted on-site demonstrations of fire hydrant and fire extinguisher use for students and teachers.

To conclude this event, Executive Principal of Beijing Royal School Mr. Heng Xiaojun acknowledged that our students and teachers completed this drill successfully. He affirmed that BRS students and teachers demonstrated calmness, cooperation and obedience in following the school’s emergency response plan.

It is through practising drills that our teachers and students learn, follow and remember procedures and routes for the correct way to escape in the case of an emergency evacuation. This exercise can ensure that, in the event of a fire, the school’s emergency plan can be carried out quickly, efficiently, and orderly, reducing the probability of school safety accidents and improving the safety of teachers and students on our campus.