“Big Hand Holds Small Hand” Scientists Enter Campus Series of Activities – Network and Life

On November 22, Beijing Royal School hosted the 3rd lecture of the 2020 “Big Hand Holds Small Hand” Scientists Enter Campus Series of Activities on campus, welcoming Professor Jiang Xinxiao, Professor of National University of Defense Technology, former engineer of the Command and Technology College of the National Defense Science and Industry Commission, and former senior engineer of the PLA Academy of Equipment. His presentation was themed ‘Network and Life’ and captivated the attention of nearly 100 BRS junior-high students in attendance with an interest in the Net.

Beginning with the concept of what a network is, Professor Jiang displayed pictures on the big screen and reeled our students into the magical and abstract online world. Professor Jiang gave a detailed interpretation of the past development and current presence of the network by addressing five aspects: network and life, the computer and modern communication network, network life and the ultimate problems, “network war” in life, and network life and education.

In the interactive Q&A session, students gave free rein to their imaginations and interacted with Professor Jiang, asking questions such as: “Will computers in the future surpass the human brain?”, “Can artificial intelligence achieve freedom of thought through programming?”, “Will the rapid development of science and technology lead to the degradation of the human brain?”, “How to break the 80/20 Rule in human society?”.

At the end of the lecture, Vice Principal of BRFLS Junior High Cai Jiutian wrapped up Professor Jiang’s presentation by expressing her gratitude for this wonderful science lecture, which will inspire students to explore, learn, engage and discover the amazing world of the network. Then, Vice Principal Cai urged students not to obsessively use the network and to be wary of network traps.

BRS’s “Big Hand Holds Small Hand” Scientists Enter Campus Series of Activities provides our students with a chance to engage in discussion with the best minds in science, to participate in lively discussion around every topic, and to rethink and guide our current practices in science education.