“Big Hand Holds Small Hand” Scientists Enter Campus Series of Activities – China’s Mechanics, Aerospace Science and Technology

On November 29, Beijing Royal School hosted the 4th lecture of the 2020 “Big Hand Holds Small Hand” Scientists Enter Campus Series of Activities on campus, welcoming Professor Zhang Deliang, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His presentation was themed ‘Qian Xuesen’s Extraordinary Life and China’s Mechanics, Aerospace Science and Technology’ and captivated the attention of nearly 100 BRS senior- and junior-high students in attendance with an interest in aerospace science and technology.

Beginning with his respected teacher Professor Qian Xuesen, Professor Zhang told some of the stories of Professor Qian Xuesen’s life experiences, including his difficult journey back to China, his rigorous pursuit of all that is scientific, and his great contributions to China’s “Two Bombs and One Satellite” research after his return to China. Professor Zhang’s motivation in sharing this was to encourage our students to seize opportunities to learn, to cultivate patriotism and innovative thinking, and to hold dear the precious wealth of knowledge gained through past scientists.

During the interactive Q&A session, students interacted with Professor Zhang and asked questions such as: “Will the wreckage of the rocket that has completed the delivery mission pollute the natural environment?”, “The reason for the naming of the Dongfeng series of missiles”, “What are the shortcomings of our country in missile research and development?”. Professor Zhang answered the questions one by one using scientific theory.

Executive Principal of Beijing Royal School Mr. Heng Xiaojun concluded the lecture, stressing four specific areas for which this lecture has important implications for each of us: 1) It inspires and improves our students’ interests in scientific literacy, awareness of scientific innovation and practical scientific applications; 2) It greatly inspires students to create and design from the aspect of popularising science, thus, improving their application abilities; 3) It plays an important role in the integration of science courses and interdisciplinary teaching at BRS; 4) It increases the chances that students will contribute to the development of science and technology in China due to deep feelings of patriotism.

BRS’s “Big Hand Holds Small Hand” Scientists Enter Campus Series of Activities provides our students with a chance to engage in discussion with the best minds in science, to participate in lively discussion around every topic, and to rethink and guide our current practices in science education.