Welcome to the New School Year!

On August 29, a beautiful sunny day, BRS greeted and welcomed our new and returning students back to school for the 2020-2021 academic year following the summer break. Our entire BRS staff has continued to work towards a safe and much anticipated start of the school year, and we are grateful to have students back on campus and ready to resume on-site learning.

The campus is again a hive of vitality and excitement with our students buzzing about. Although face masks are the order of the day due to strict health and safety measures, and beautiful smiles are hidden from view, the smiles in their eyes reflect the joy of seeing their classmates and teachers on campus again. They are all ready and happy to dive back into the BRS ocean of learning opportunities.

The opening day was a day full of warm welcomes for students from their teachers, school leaders and staff. Students participated in opening activities on-site, which were broadcast online simultaneously, themed “patriotism education, life and health education, epidemic prevention and control knowledge and skills training”. They heard Principal Wang Guangfa’s back-to-school greetings, remarks and reminders, as well as advice from the Chief Supervisor of Beijing Royal Campus Counselor Cen Jianjun, and Executive Principal of Beijing Royal School Counselor Heng Xiaojun. Afterwards, student representatives from each grade, and teacher and parent representatives delivered on-site speeches. Wave after wave of heartfelt gratitude at being back and ready to go was shared.

Although the future remains uncertain, our academic team and staff are confident and prepared to tackle various situations as they arise, so that on-site learning proceeds smoothly in the most engaging manner possible during this academic year. We are so excited to see our BRS community’s reunion. With the new school year just around the corner, we are confident that we will have a great year ahead at BRS.