Renowned Diplomat Ambassador Luo Linquan Lights Up BRS


Renowned Chinese Diplomat Ambassador Luo Linquan visited Beijing Royal School on September 3, providing an inspiring lecture about diplomatic protocol and diplomacy to our students.



Ambassador Luo introduced the basic concepts of diplomacy and protocol by citing examples of his diplomatic work experiences in Greece and Ireland. He stressed that diplomacy is no small matter and neither is safety, which should always be one’s first priority when abroad. He advised students to focus on developing and cultivating a rigorous, meticulous, and thoughtful diplomatic style for use as a general rule. He encouraged those students who intend to study abroad to implement these strategies immediately. Acknowledging their need to understand and integrate Western culture into the essence of their own Chinese culture and value systems, Ambassador Luo noted that good diplomacy helps China as a nation put it’s ‘best foot forward’, supports the great rejuvenation of China and builds successful life experiences.



In closing, Ambassador Luo also said that during more than 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s diplomacy has opened up doors to great opportunities, and Chinese diplomats have also received more and more respect. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected global diplomatic relationships. As a result, China faces great challenges in diplomacy, but Ambassador Luo believes that China’s circle of friends will continue to expand as China becomes more confident in diplomatic situations. He encouraged BRS students to actively practice and engage diplomatic skills in the future because these experiences shine a bright light on our motherland and her people.



BRS Principal Wang Guangfa wrapped up Ambassador Luo’s presentation by expressing his gratitude for the wonderful lecture. He encouraged all students from Beijing Royal School to follow Ambassador Luo’s example and advice in order to grow and to become the backbone of our country’s diplomacy in the future. Developing diplomacy skills reflects on BRS’s Guidelines on Fostering Talents, as we strive to prepare our students to thrive in the international arena, to share the stories of China and to assume their place as guardians of the future.