Beijing Royal Campus Faculty and Staff Meeting for 2020-2021 School Year

On August 24th, the Beijing Royal Campus Faculty and Staff Meeting was held on campus and livestreamed for teachers and faculty. BRS Principal Wang Guangfa extended a warm welcome to both our new and returning teachers. He affirmed that BRS has stood the test of the epidemic, and he acknowledged the efforts of our teachers in successfully implementing the best practices for online learning during this incredibly challenging period.

Looking ahead into the new school year, two things stand out as particularly pertinent given the fast-changing situation. These two things are the cultivation of future talents and the further promotion of the professional development of our teachers.

At present, China is actively accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the regional economy, so that education must speed up reform and give priority to development if it is to cultivate talents more efficiently. In the future, Principal Wang said that BRS will cooperate more with the government to transform our resources and jointly cultivate talents that meet the needs of national industrial transformation.

Urging all teachers to fully embrace their responsibility and to develop an even stronger commitment to the BRS mission, Principal Wang Guangfa encouraged all teachers to actively participate in the reformation of our curriculum and constantly improve our educational strategies. Principal Wang Guangfa also assured all that BRS will continue to further promote professional development and training for our teachers.

Mr. Cen Jianjun, the former Minister Counselor (education) for The Embassy of China in the United States and the former Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of Ministry of Education of China and the Chief Supervisor of Beijing Royal Campus, shared his profound perspectives on BRS’s future development and direction. He specifically addressed our dedication to international education. He expressed his expectation that BRS has the responsibility to develop and retain global talent, which will ensure a nation’s prosperity and global competitiveness.

When talking about the current China-U.S. relationship, Mr. Cen Jianjun expressed his optimistic expectations towards future developments. He pointed out that we need to gain insight by looking back into the history of friendly exchanges between China and the United States and suggested that we all maintain a rational attitude. He hopes that BRS students will continue to bridge the cultural gap by making friendly exchanges with the USA.

Mr. Heng Xiaojun, the former Minister Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Canada and Executive Principal of Beijing Royal School, stressed four specific areas on which BRS should focus during the new academic year: 1) BRS’s goal on cultivating talents with world-recognized capabilities, which requires a combination of professional competence and diplomatic ability; 2) the continuation to fuse Chinese and western cultures and combine international and traditional education advantages; 3) BRS’s mission not only to prepare the students to have global vision and competence, but also to imbue students with a sense of responsibility; 4) BRS’s dedication to and reformation of our curriculum and pedagogy along with the furtherance of professional development and training for teachers.

As the schools are gradually re-opening, BRS’s team and colleagues are working hard to provide the healthiest and safest campus for our students. The school is also working hard to make a very friendly and welcoming environment. After the summer break, we have confidence that everyone should be recharged and ready to face any challenges for an excellent year ahead. We look forward to meeting our students soon.