BRS High School Online End-of-Semester Faculty and Staff Meeting


BRS High School held the End-of-Semester Faculty and Staff Meeting online on July 17. Using this opportunity to reflect and summarize the previous semester, each department and year group leader presented their work reports, featuring a review of this past semester’s work, as well as preparations and plans for the upcoming semester.



Mr. Cen Jianjun, the former Minister Counselor (education) for The Embassy of China in the United States and the former Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of Ministry of Education of China and the Chief Supervisor of Beijing Royal Campus, offered praise and encouragement to all who contributed to this semester’s achievements. In particular, he noted the dedication of our teachers who worked very hard to ensure the success of online teaching during the second semester.

When talking about the current China-U.S. relationship, Mr. Cen Jianjun expressed his optimistic expectations towards future developments and suggested that we all maintain a rational attitude. He hopes that BRS students will continue to bridge the cultural gap through people-to-people exchanges between the two countries. He also expressed hope that all faculty and staff are being prepared for the school’s development as an acclaimed centennial school.



The meeting finished with closing remarks from BRS Principal Wang Guangfa who acknowledged and applauded all the efforts and achievements during this semester. BRS teachers quickly adapted to and successfully implemented best practices for online learning, keeping our students engaged and inspired during this incredibly challenging period. He also put forward higher expectations and requirements for our teachers’ future work. These included an emphasis on all teachers’ responsibility toward furthering personal and academic growth through professional development and training, focusing on research-based teaching, and many more. Urging all teachers to fully embrace and commit to their vocation, he assured everyone that BRS will continue to provide better resources and platforms to support our teachers’ professional development.