BRS Faculty and Staff Meeting

On July 15th, the Beijing Royal Campus Faculty and Staff Meeting was held on campus and livestreamed for teachers and faculty. As a culminating event of the past academic year, this meeting affirmed that BRS demonstrated flexibility and resilience in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. BRS quickly adapted to and successfully implemented best practices for online learning, keeping our students engaged and inspired during this incredibly challenging period.

Mr. Cen Jianjun, the former Minister Counselor (education) for The Embassy of China in the United States and the former Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of Ministry of Education of China and the Chief Supervisor of Beijing Royal Campus, expressed greetings to all faculty and staff at the meeting and commended all on the success achieved by BRS teachers and students rising to the challenges and displaying amazing learning. BRS also received fantastic feedback from parents, which strengthened our confidence about the coming year. He also expounded on BRS’s future development and direction, specifically addressing the construction of education informatization, the cultivation of international talents, and the future trend of international education. He expressed his confidence that BRS will continue to provide students with balanced, holistic and personalized education in the school years to come, no matter what challenges may arise.

Mr. Heng Xiaojun, the former Minister Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Canada and Executive Principal of Beijing Royal School, stressed several specific areas on which BRS should focus in the future according to current national policy: cultivate talents with world-recognized capabilities, which requires a combination of language proficiency, professional competence and diplomatic ability; continue to expand and deepen the external cooperation of education; give full play to the advantages of our advanced international curriculum and test system, and implement personalized education; constantly update our educational concepts, and continue to combine international and traditional education advantages; and further promote teachers’ professional development and training.

BRS Principal Wang Guangfa spoke next and affirmed that the epidemic has tested and continues to test our lifelong skills of resilience, adaptability and flexibility. As we continue to face this incredibly challenging situation into the near future, we should be prepared to utilize and create effective education methods in a timely and efficient manner.

In his stalwart style, Principal Wang Guangfa shared his profound perspectives. These included BRS’s dedication to and reformation of our curriculum; being prepared to transform to new concepts whenever challenges arise; accessibility to the national and world leading educators and best teaching resources; and the importance of developing information technology to improve the quality of online and distance teaching. Urging all teachers to fully embrace their vocation and to develop an even stronger commitment to the BRS goal, Principal Wang Guangfa assured all that BRS will continue to provide the best possible education for our students to achieve our mission.

After such a comprehensive and in-depth review and summary meeting, we have great expectations for excellent growth and success for the upcoming academic year.