Beijing Royal School Advises to Consider The Issue of Studying Abroad with A Rational Attitude


Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the US government has issued a series of new study visa policies and bans. Parents of students, as well as the students themselves who seek to study in the United States, are rightly concerned and worried, and Beijing Royal School advises people to consider this issue with a rational attitude.



Recently, China’s Ministry of Education issued a mandate regarding the further opening up of education, delineating three points: 1) The impact of the epidemic on studying abroad is temporary. 2) The study-abroad student group remains important and worthy of preferential treatment and recognition. 3) Developing an elite with the global perspectives and world-recognized capabilities remains a priority.



On June 3, a US Senior Department Official told the press: “I am hoping that everyone who is engaged in this call will write in big, fat, bold font at the very top of this story the repeated assertions we’ve all made that, in fact, we continue to welcome and value the contributions of the vast majority of Chinese students and academics.” Meanwhile, several world-renowned U.S universities such as University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University and Cornell University have publicly expressed that they will continue to welcome scholars and students from China and the international community.



In the short term, however, the status of international students studying in the U.S right now does generate a lot of uncertainty, but knowledge knows no borders. The history of U.S universities has always been one of challenging questionable U.S. government policies, with many famous U.S schools over the past 100 years of history asserting their own culture and commitment to a diverse campus. That being said, the U.S. study environment will ultimately depend on further development of the epidemic and policies implemented to control it from spreading further. The test of time shows that opportunity shines upon those who remain prepared. Perhaps, just as Jack Ma said at the New York University Shanghai 2020 Commencement: “Because of this pandemic, because of this disaster, you are studying and reflecting on today’s great global changes. You are contemplating what responsibilities you will personally take, how to change yourself to adapt to the future. It is very hard for us to change yesterday, or to change today, but small accomplishments today can change tomorrow and change our future.”