Academician Du Xiangwan Addresses BRS Class of 2020 at Commencement Ceremony

BRS Class of 2020 specially invited Academician Du Xiangwan to deliver a speech on-site as parent representative during their Commencement Ceremony. Academician Du Xiangwan is a national nuclear physics scientist, former chief scientist of the national “863 Program” laser expert group and chair of nuclear physics research.

Academician Du shared personal stories of his study abroad time, most notably that he was one of the first government-sponsored students in China studying nuclear physics in the Soviet Union. He said that when we integrate the value of life with social progress and national development, we will also reap a meaningful and happy life. He encouraged our students to aim for higher goals and to be courageous in pursuing their ideals.

Secondly, he mentioned that ups and downs are inevitable in everyone’s life, and we can overcome difficulties through maintaining dedicated study, physical fitness and our strong will. Above all, however, don’t forget to learn to be a good person first.

He also quoted inspirational words of French Novelist Gustave Flaubert in regards to academic study: “Art and science will come together again at the top after being separated at the base.” His hope is that students stick to their respective professional fields, but still understand that the ultimate pursuit of knowledge is actually the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty in whatever we do.

Finally, when Academician Du talked about facing various “uncertainties” in life, he suggested that students should use a certainty to deal with them. And William Shakespeare’s famous quote sums up Academician Du’s advice best: “To thine own self be true.”