A Letter from a Teacher |Do Something Warm

My primary school’s name is Beijing First Experimental Primary School, and my homeroom teacher was a famous Chinese teacher Han Chunrong.

She put all her love on students. Not only could she remember all 55 students’ birthdays, she also carefully prepared very cool or even imported gifts for us. She won all the hearts of students and parents with her excellent teaching skills.  The care she gave us, in this school with more than one hundred years history, was clearly reflected in every detail of her work. The warm things she did for us were countless, and of course this kind of warmth made all of her students happy and confident.

Now, I have become a teacher here at TAO in BRFLS, a top-tier international school in China and around the globe. During my work, I promise I will treat everyone, no matter if they are students, parents or my co-workers with the warmth that I learned from my homeroom teacher.