I Watch You Grow up and You Watch Me Grow Old

Dear Daughter:

It’s 2018 and in just the blink of an eye, you are already nine years old. As your parents, we are proud to have such a beautiful and warm-hearted daughter.

We worried about you a lot when you first began your studies at BRFLS. However, your behavior at school really surprised us. We had no idea that you were so very independent and helpful to others.

You have made great progress in your life thanks to the teachers’ patience and help. Making the bed and packing luggage are a piece of cake to you now.

You never give up your studies. I remember I even shed a tear  when I saw your fingers turn red after practicing the traditional Chinese string instrument, Gu Zheng, for a long time.  But I felt so proud to see you performing on stage in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. I was so glad you brought me that I cried tears of joy.

You have a very warm heart. There was one time that you were in hospital with a fever of more than 39 degrees Celsius. However, you still did not forget to share your snacks with your friends next to you and even encouraged them to be strong!

You are coming close to ten years old now and I hope to share each new decade with you, just like we did this last one. We are looking towards your future with the great expectations that you continue to be independent, friendly and gentle. I want to watch you grow up and also want that you to watch me become old. Your mom has loved you from the moment you were born, loves you more now than ever and will continue to love you forever!