A Letter from the BRFLS PYP Leader to Parents

A beautiful new Report Folder and our very first Student Led Conference!!  Parents received a special treat at the end of Semester One in the PYP sector of RFLS!

Assessment is simply testing but if we do not act on that assessment, it is merely data. Exam results are just a number- it gives us a snap shot of the student’s progress on that day, in that state of health energy, mood, attitude and knowledge. In PYP, it is only one form of assessment. Reporting to parents about the result their child gets with each outcome listed, gives a far more accurate idea of how the child is progressing. This, plus teacher comments, should be viewed as far more valuable.

Our reports use expected outcomes in Mandarin, Mathematics and English. The outcomes for English come from IB PYP documents and Mathematics and Mandarin are from the mandated Chinese Curriculum. This not only reflects the school’s requirements, but also the PYP requirements.


Here is what “Making the PYP Happen” (2009) states about Reporting to parents:

Reporting on assessment is about communicating what students know, understand and can do. It describes the progress of the students’ learning, identifies areas for growth, and contributes to the efficacy of the programme. Assessment without feedback is merely judgment; feedback is the component of assessment that lets us interpret the judgment and improve our work.

Effective reporting should:

  • involve parents, students and teachers as partners
  • reflect what the school community values
  • be comprehensive, honest, fair and credible
  • be clear and understandable to all parties
  • allow teachers to incorporate what they learn during the reporting process into their future teaching and assessment practice.

We think our new reports meet these criteria and we hope that the parents appreciate our care and attention to their child’s progress.

It was a heart-felt moment when I walked into the Student Led Conferences. The pride on each student’s face as they guided their parents through their learning was a glow well worth seeing. The equally glowing face of the parent as they enjoyed the tour their child took them on was the only thing equal in value. We needed to capture these remarkable moments on film and I thank the Publicity Department for doing just that!