Soar Upwards, my Son – A Letter from Hao Han’s Mom

Dear son:

I am not qualified to be your first teacher because my long working hours don’t let me give you enough care.  But since you began studying at BRFLS, you have become very happy to share with me about what happened at school every day, and I feel our two hearts getting much closer.

I still remember on one day in the last week of September, I received a phone call from your homeroom teacher Wei to inform me that you were getting sick and you needed to go to hospital immediately. Thanks to her kindness and attention, you became better very soon.

There is endless love between you and your teacher. You can remember every word from your swimming coach, because you know he wants you to become better; you also did not forget that your life teacher reminded you that it was important to prepare a second swimsuit because time was too short to dry your first one during your interest class.

I am so glad that you enjoy the school activities BRFLS held for you. You told me that you especially love the merry-go-round you played on in the park, and you truly enjoyed observing butterfly samples.

On your behalf, I want to thank the school leaders and teachers for all their hard work and I believe you can get better development here at BRFLS. Soar up in the sky, my son!