A Letter from a “Mom” of Many Students at BRFLS | Companionship is the Truest Form of Love

We are like the mothers of students at BRFLS. Besides taking care of them, we always actively work behind the scenes for large gala performances, like setting up props, putting on makeup for students, moving instruments, and so on. These jobs actually are quite tough even though they look pretty easy.  After the flawless production “2018 BRFLS New Year’s Performance,” we took a very relaxing break when we saw the satisfied smiles from so many parents.

I clearly remember when the first graders began their lives at BRFLS.  Many of them were very rowdy without knowing any rules. After we patiently, day after day reminded them of each rule, we can see now that they are gradually developing good living habits for every aspect of their lives.

Every morning before the dawn, us life teachers are up and ready to give each student their first glass of water. We always remind students to button up their clothes to stay warm. When students get sick, life teachers immediately bring them to the school clinic to see the doctor. For every swimming class, we are always ready with bath robes to make sure they won’t get a cold.  Every night, life teachers have to stay alert to check on students, including bringing them to the bathrooms and tucking them in.  Every Friday we need to change the bed sheets and clean and disinfect  all the dorms.

Our work is not about one big single thing but all the little details in life; and there are too many to count. But why are life teachers so dedicated to doing their best?

Because we love students here at BRFLS as if they were our own children!

Each life teacher works diligently. Hearing our students shout, “Mom,” warms our hearts but also adds weight to our shoulders.  We don’t want students and parents feeling disappointed because we did our jobs poorly.

Finally, we sincerely hope these students, our children, can absorb as much as they can at school and grow up happily.  Please remember, our darling students, that BRFLS will be proud of you now and forever!



From a life teacher, Feng Shuang