The First Letter to My Daughter- A Letter from He Yongzhen’s Mom

Dear Yong Zhen:

I am super excited to write you this letter because I have too many words for you. Time flies so quickly, and we have “known” each other for six years, six months and fifteen days. I can remember when the first time we met, you told me how healthy a baby you were with your loud crying. My heart completely melted when you put your little hands in mine.

You continued to study at BRFLS after three years at Beijing Royal Kindergarten because you loved your friends and teachers here.  We also feel confident about the schools excellent teaching capabilities and the facilities here, both tangible and intangible.

Now you have completely gotten used to life at BRFLS. What’s more surprising to us is that you have learnt to solve the problems by yourself, as well as to treasure and protect team’s honor.

You also told me that you love studying English because it was like playing a game. I was so relieved to hear that because studying can be boring sometimes, but you were so lucky to have these wonderful teachers to help you develop good study habits and cultivate strong interest in your studies.

Yongzhen, while I am writing this letter to you, your Mom is remembering every moment that we had together.Every little surprise or touching moment from you is a gift. I am so proud of your everyday progress and growth. Please remember, we hope that we can have an enduring friendship with you.  We will share everything and stand by you no matter what life throws at you. We will love you forever, my dearest daughter!