Thanks for the Contributions from our Teachers – A Letter from Le Zeyu’s Father

I am the father of Le Yuze, who currently studies in grade one, class eight at BRFLS.  It has been more than three months since he began his studies here and I feel much more relieved and gratified after seeing his progress.

I began searching for an elementary school for my son in 2016. The advanced teaching philosophy, and students’ certificates and work attracted me so much.   With all this in mind, I decided to let my son to study here after transferring from a very good public school in Beijing.

A small detail truly touched me. BRFLS prepared the warm cushions  and cooked ginger soup for students on the cold day when students had their autumn sports meet in mid October.

Not long ago, my son participated in the Changping Swimming Contest and received a good score. Beyond this, he was also a host for the 100-day celebration. I believe that these activities greatly exercised his confidence and persistence.

He met his wonderful homeroom teacher, Ren Ziwei, who created a very clean, warm and caring environment that made students fall in love with their class almost immediately!  The Chinese Teacher Xia and English Teacher Dong sacrificed a lot of their free time to help students develop good study habits. I’m proud to say that my son enjoys every single one of his classes.

I am also going to follow the teachers’ instructions and work together with them to help his son develop a comprehensive personality.