My Daughter, I Hope the Life Ahead of You is Full of Courage- A Letter from Zhang Chuhan’s Mom

Four years ago, after visiting several schools, we finally chose BRFSL for our daughter Hanhan. Every progress she has made during these four years has proven how correct this choice we made for her was.

She has been very shy since she was little and has never had much confidence in herself at all. When she had just begun her studies here, she was too shy to chat with students she did not know, and she was afraid to answer the teachers’ questions in class. However, she has the very patient English Teacher Yu, who truly understands her and always shares with me every single thing that she does at school. This is a very lucky thing for a kid who stays 10 hours at school every day to have

Time flies. During these past four years, she participated in various activities and is becoming more confident and open-minded. I am very grateful to BRFLS and sincerely hope that as you go beyond the next horizon, you are laughing and growing the whole way.