Waiting Together for the Flowers to Bloom – A Letter From a School Mom (BRFLS Life Teacher)

From the Editor:

At BRFLS, there is a group of teachers who reside in the school and take care of students’ lives as if they were mothers themselves. We can find them in every aspect of students’ lives no matter if they’re in cafeteria, classrooms or even dormitories. They are our beloved life teachers!  This time, let’s get in close and listen to what they have to say.

Time flies. December 8th is the biggest celebration day for the BRFLS first graders. Parents got to enjoy every precious moment with their children at the celebration, which is sure to become a cherished memory for years to come.

After 100 days, you have all already become familiar with the motherly affection of the teachers, who tirelessly care for each and every homesick student. “We try our best to take care of each student and live up to their parents’ expectations” is the motto of every BRFLS life teacher who endeavor to reach it every moment of every day.

Dear students, we hope you grow up quickly. You need to absorb as much knowledge as you can, to cultivate and broaden your both your hearts and your minds, and to practice tenacious determination. The future belongs to you, and all the wonders of life belong to you. We ask all our beloved BRFLS children to raise their sails and journey beyond the horizon, while learning and laughing along the way.