Growth Means – A Letter from Zang Mingyue’s Mom

December 8th, 2017 was the 100th day celebration for the BRFLS 1st Grade. Students prepared a lot for this upcoming day.

My kid’s class, Grade One Class Five was quite special because they did not wear unified clothing.  Every student chose their favorite costume. For my daughter Lan Yue, her idol was not Spider-Man or the princess in Frozen, but that versatile swordswoman in one famous classic Chinese novel – Huang Rong.

 Although she missed the final ceremony because due to illness , she has since made a full recovery.

In September, her class was selected as the only Excellent Class for the first Grade. Children were extatic to hear about it and they hugged each other to celebrate their success with warm excitement.

I think you are pretty lucky to have the best homeroom teacher and classmates who are like a second family for you. You are lucky because you also have a good school principal and many other good class teachers.

My dearest daughter, on your 100th day here at BRFLS, Mom wishes for you to become strong and optimistic, to be ready to face any difficulty and pursue a splendid life in full bloom.