Thanks for the Surprises and Laughter You Brought to US

Dear son,

You came, like an angel to our family six years ago, full of surprises and laughter. Your dad and mom needed to learn how to be parents because we did not have any experience before. We are very happy that we can be there with you as you grow up. Andas you grow, the love in our family grows deeper as well. Your mom and dad  remember each and every milestone you’ve crossed clearly in our minds. We are so proud of you!

How time flies! You’re six years old. You’ve grown up and you can help Mom  take care of your younger sister. I am grateful that you show so much love and kindness to your sister. In the past six years, you have learned a lot, from taking your first steps, to learning table manners,  to running, jumping, singing, painting, writing, and on and on. All of the changes in your life bring Mom and Dad great joy. Thank you, my son for bringing so much to our family.

You adapted to the primary school life when you entered the Beijing Royal Foreign Language School.  You did much better than Mom and Dad’s expectations. I hope you study hard in school, make new friends, and have a healthy body and a happy heart.

Dear son,I am proud of you have a positive attitude and are taking your studies seriously. Your mom and dad hope you can keep this good attitude forever. It will reward you in the future.

The world is colorful. Everyone can see the different scenery from different views. Dad and mom would like to be there for you as you grow and into your future life. We will take you as far as we can, so you can know more about the world. Mom and dad will always support. Dear son, just go forward and trust yourself.

Mom and dad will love you forever!