The Letters from Zhang Yude’s Mom and Dad

From Mom:

To my dearest child,

You have been studying at BRFLS for almost three months, I saw you did a great job answering teacher’s questions and getting along with your classmates  during the school open day celebrating your first month here.  It was really cool to see that you are growing so fast and are gradually becoming independent as you learn so many new things so quickly.

As for your studies, your teachers not only have rich academic knowledge, but they also love each and every one of their students, including you. I’m glad that the life teachers take care of you as though you were their own child. I can see how much you love your teachers and classmates. Although I feel sad every time we have to separate from you for five days each week, I am proud of you because you are a brave boy and more importantly, a good student!


From Dad,

Dearest son, it is hard to realize that you are already six years old. When you were still in your mom’s belly, we were always guessing what you would look like in the future. We love you because you are the most precious “jewel” in our heart.

Because of my work, I could not see you every weekend and this is the saddest thing for me. But whenever I am by myself, no matter where we are, I always dream of you, always dream that you grow up overnight. I feel so sad because I was not together with you or accompanying you. However, I promise you that whenever I have time, we will play together and I will teach you everything I know as often as I can.

Dearest son, your mom and dad don’t need you to become famous, we just hope you can become a happy, honest person full of love, be joyful everyday and can bring happiness to everyone around you!