Son, I Would Like to Use My Whole Life Accompany You to Grow Up

Dear son:

It seems like all of sudden, you have changed, in the blink of an eye, from a baby holding a bottle to a grown man as tall as I am.\

You learned skateboard by yourself without any coach’s instruction, even after you fell on the first day and ripped your clothes and scraped your elbows and knees. You continued to practice the very next day and made a lot of progress. And even though you lost count of how many times you fell down, you learned to ride a bicycle in less than a month.

Last August, we decided to send you and your brother 1000 miles away to Beijing to study and you transferred to the 4th grade at your new school, BRFLS.

You were only ten and we did not want to separate from you.

After hearing a story your dad told about how a little eagle learned to fly, you told me that you understood that the baby eagle was kicked out of the nest on the cliff by its dad and then it had to fly in order to survive. My eyes became watery because I would never forget what you said.

Sorry, sometimes we are just like the “cruel-hearted” dad eagle, but only in this way will you learn to fly independently. But please believe us we will always be there for you even when we let go of your hands. We will be with you as you grow up for the rest of our lives.