Helping to Make the Best Version of Yourself – A Letter from Zheng Yanxi’s Mother

Dear Student Zheng Yanxi:

Please allow me to call your full name, although you once joked at home that calling your full name meant I was not happy. With your first step into BRFLS, you became an elementary school student. Now I use your full name to show you how proud I am that you are growing up.

After three months at BRFLS, I see a girl who is full of passion towards life and can focus and concentrate better than she ever could before. Every day I can’t wait for you to share with me what you learned in your swimming or piano classes. I can even feel your “craziness” and joy in the classes from your vivid daily descriptions.

I was so surprised to find out how well you could write calligraphy, so delighted to see that you were so serious about practicing your Halloween dance, and so relieved to hear that you want to be an excellent student.

Thank you for being with me to share all of that, and I want to extend my thanks to every teacher of BRFLS for helping my daughter grow up happily.

In the days to come, I hope you always keep your passion towards life. I wish for your life to be full of curiosity and the spirit of exploration so that you can truly appreciate the beauty of this world.

At the same time, Mom hopes you are gracious towards life, and are grateful for every part of it even the most difficult parts. Because it is all of life’s experiences that will help you become a better, stronger you!