My Son is Blooming at BRFLS

Dear son:

Mom still likes to call you “Great Great”, because this name has all our wishes for you from me and your dad.

You are in grade one, dad and I still remember the happiness, sadness, anger and joyfulness you have brought to us.

Can you remember when you were in kindergarten? it was the first time you left home for a camp in the mountains.  You were quite calm when I asked you if you were ok.   This experience is an example of your growth.

After considering so many factors, we decided to let you live on campus for your elementary school from this September, it was also the first time that you were separate from Mom for such a long time. I thought of going to pick you up and take you home from school, but I did not because I hoped you would learn the value of persistence. We were so proud of you when we heard you could sleep by yourself.

Within these two months, you have made a lot of progress, you know when to do homework and when to practice the drum set. Although you are still playful, your growth is very obvious.

Cheers, dearest son!  You are our pride and joy!