The Tremendous Change of Just Two Months – A Letter from Fan Anrun’s Mom

To my darling Anrun:

Because you like to hear other parents’ letters to your classmates, I decided to write you a letter.

I am surprised that although sometimes you are a little  muddled, you already know why you need to study,  what kind of person you want to grow up to be and how to make your dreams come true. What’s more is you have made huge progress compared to the beginning of this semester.

I sincerely want to thank BRFLS because you are very tolerant and patient with him. After “suffering” for the first two months, my baby loves it here so much; playing with his classmates, building big mazes, running on the sports field and dancing the Waltz.

He is also coming to understand that he must follow the rules here if he wants to get the most fun out of his classes. He still has a long way to go. I hope his class thrives and he can improve even more!