Let’s Walk Together Bravely and Beautifully – The Letter from Li Yuxin’s Mom

To My dearest Yuxin:

Please forgive Mom for not writing you this letter until now, because every time I mentioned the love I have for you, I was so full of tears that I could not even start writing.

From the time you were born until now in elementary school, I took care of you all by myself, without the help of my parents or siblings. To be honest, it was very tiring but I was also very delighted to see each and every bit of progress you made. From disliking swimming class to loving it, from hating to get out of bed to getting up all by yourself, from having trouble focusing in class to being able to concentrate, I can see that you are growing up and becoming braver and more active!

After you get back home at night, you often share with me what you have learned in piano and swimming class,  I can feel your confidence and happiness growing, and I am proud of your achievements!

We always say “daughter is the little clothes of mom”. Indeed, you always help me mop the floor or even warm me when we are in bed, I never feel cold being together with you. Thank you, My dear and lovely baby Yuxin!

Now and then you tell me: “Mom, I don’t want you to become old and leave me”.  Every time I hear it, my eyes get watery. Dear baby, mom will spend more time with you and let us take this journey together bravely and beautifully.