Thank You for Brightening Our World from the Moment You Came into It

Dear daughter:

11 years ago, you came into this world full of love and have brought us endless happiness and (we don’t really use this word) joy. As parents, we have always worked to design a beautiful future for you will stay with you as you grow up, because we believe the best gift we can give you is love and  companionship. We hope you can become a happy and healthy person no matter what road you take.

We are always so pound of you because you are independent, can get along with other children very well and are compassionate. I can still vividly remember when you saved two Chinese steam buns for your dad and moved him so much!

One thingIreally want to share with you is that you came to BRFLS without knowing any English. However, you got the Campus Star Award for September and showed us your confidence with your smile and good grades.

Now, you have turned 11 years old and are beginning to have grown up  judgment and understanding. We hope you can become a strong, optimistic, and civic-minded person.