A Parent’s Letter, We Will Sail with You Together

Dear son:

This is the first time Mom is writing a letter to you (Mom is myself). As we live together every day, I can see everything about you. So today, I want to tell you about your growth.

When you were a baby, you were very cute and vivacious.  You learned new skills quickly from turning over, crawling, walking to running. You made us laugh a lot by asking questions in your adorable baby’s voice.

After spending a good time in kindergarten as a sunny and optimistic little boy, you began to at BRLFS and this year is your third year here. With the help of both teachers and students, you have gained so much knowledge, made so many friends and have received many awards. Not only have you become a good student, you also have developed good study habits including reviewing past lessons and previewing new ones.

Son, I am proud of your growth and hope you become a knowledgeable and useful person to this society. Your mom and dad will always trust and support you!