A Parent’s Letter: Dear Son, Mom Will Always Have Your Back

Dear Son:

How time flies! You have been a sweet and quiet boy since childhood, but at this moment I cannot express how happy and relieved I am at how strong and grown up you have become.

You are very luck to meet Chinese Teacher Lv Dongran and join the Chinese Crosstalk Club. I could not believe my eyes when I saw you standing on the stage calmly and you gave the whole audience a great Chinese Crosstalk Performance. Did you know how excited I was while I was sitting there?

Now you have become a sixth grader full of sunshine and humor. You study very well and always have a great attitude. At BRFLS you learned how to share with others and take responsibility.

There is still a long road in front us. I will accompany you as you grow up, and you can accompany me as I grow older. But as always I will have your back, supporting you and loving you forever, dearest son, be strong and be brave. Good luck!