A Parent’s Letter : We are Proud of Your Growth

Dearest Son,

I feel that all of a sudden, you have already become an independent man from a crying baby and I cannot believe how fast these 6 years have passed by. I can feel how magic and beautiful life is. I am proud of you for growing up so quickly.

You are very kind to take care of me when I injured my leg, although you did not say much.  You took care of the homeless puppy we found on the road as well. I hope you learn to how to love other people because then this world will also be kind to you.

You love studying, and we know you have your own goals. I like seeing you skating on the ice, riding horses, and focusing on doing homework or experiments.  It is very good to become interested in many things in this complex society.

There is an old  saying: You don’t get anywhere unless you try.

Therefore, I hope you can become more focused and more persistent. For example, If you had given up studying English when you were 10 years old, you could only say, “Sorry, I cannot” if you find a great English job when you are 25. I would feel pity if you decline a girl’s invitation to play badminton when you are 20 just because you might have given up learning it when you were 13.

I especially love this picture above:  You are standing under the peach blossoms and smiling like a beautiful flower.  Dear son, I love you so much!