A Parent’s Letter: Travel Together to Make Wonderful Things

Although we see each other every day, I did not express my feelings in time so that you might not have known how happy and proud I am of you. Thanks for this recommendation from school. I could not wait anymore to write this letter to you.

This winter, after Spring Festival, you received an admission letter from BRFLS with your honesty. I feel so proud of you especially because your excellent nature.

I am so surprised at the initiative you take to do your homework after studying at BRFLS. I cannot believe my eyes when I see how quickly you are improving your English, how focused you are on studying in English class while following your talkative teacher, and how magical your potential has seemed to become all of a sudden.

What made me the most relieved was that you finally began to learn the electric guitar and have already been in the band for more than half a year. Thank the music teacher for letting me know how musically gifted you are. That gave us both so much confidence.

You chose to continue studying at the middle school of BRS. Let’s work together to find all the wonderful things you can achieve.