Choose BRFLS and Walk firmly – A Letter from Huang Xiyue’s Parent

It has been one semester since my son Yuexi began studying at BRFLS. Time flies so fast!

We could not forget the first time we visited BRFLS, as we were deeply attracted by the Confucius Statue, long corridors, big classrooms, green Chinese parasol tree and grand auditorium.

But what really touched me were from the detailed course introduction, interesting extra-curricular activities, delicious food, and of course, those hospitable teachers.

It was a very hard choice for my son to transfer here from a public school. After visiting many private schools, we finally selected BRFLS without regret.

My son really enjoys studying here in his new family, Grade 4, Class 1. Yes, I agree, he is so lucky to study with these excellent teachers. His homeroom teacher Li Qing, although she is very thin, she helped him tremendously with great patience to improve his English; Life Teacher Feng, Chinese Teacher Zhang, and Math Teacher Xu taught him so much useful knowledge about life and studying. He is gradually becoming interested in learning these and quite enjoys the learning process.

Even though he is not perfect, I am so proud to see that he is quickly catching up with his classmates and shortening the gap between himself and others.

What’s more, I found out he learned how to share with and help others here at BRFLS. Thanks to these great activities and interesting extra-curricular courses designed by our creative and lovely teachers, my son is growing up so fast and he also gained so much fun from them.

At last, I sincerely wish BRFLS will become better and better, and we will walk with BRFLS firmly and steadily.