Be the Best of You at BRFLS

BRFLS has a beautiful school environment and the teaching facilities are well equipped. It is a wonderful place for children to study and grow. During these two years, I never missed any parents’ meeting even when I was busy. I could feel that the school leaders and teachers care about the students and educate them in a correct way.

Yu Han joined a variety of interest classes and I am very proud of her achievements. I think her achievements are attributed to her homeroom teacher, Li Mingyan.

She gives students both warm love and strict requirement. She gets along with students so well and cooperate with parents together to make a great class for these lovely children. This class has already won several awards and my daughter is trying her best for the class honor every minute she is at school.

During the 2017 spring festival, it was the first time that Yu Han was far away home with her teacher and classmates together for five days and nights to participate in the recording of 2017 CCTV Gu Zheng Spring Festival Gala. She played a song “A Little Apple” for the national audience with hundreds of children. They were highly praised in the end.

Her recitation with the melodious sound of ancient piano at the 2017 BRFLS New Year’s Eve Gala still echoes in my ears quite often.

At last, I want to say to my lovely daughter:”Come on, my daughter, we love you and BRFLS!”