【Parent Letters】A Letter From Wang Ziniu’s Mother

On September 1st, 2015, my son became a BRFLS student. Now, he has lived at BRFLS for more than two years and has become a positive and optimistic child.

Wangfu is the school for both of my two children. My older daughter graduated from Wangfu successfully and obtained the scholarship from one famous art college in America. My son Ziniu Wang currently studies at Grade 2, Class 6.

Every time I come to attend the parent-teacher conference for my son, I am always very touched by feeling his great improvement day by day and deep love of BRFLS from the bottom of his heart. He is not the smartest child but he loves his classmates, class and teachers. From my observation, Grade 2, Class 6 is the warmest class full of love and care.

Last, I want to take this chance to express my best gratitude to BRFLS.