Butterflies Flying, Fingers Playing

It will be the fifth year for my daughter Yu Shihan to study at BRFLS, which provides her a very strong artistic atmosphere just like rich soil for her to grow both in academics and art.

She loves dance and Pi Pa very much. She has been practicing Chinese dance and Latin Dance since she was young. Sometimes it is painful to see teachers treat her very strictly but she never let tears trickle down her cheeks and always persistent with her classes.

I hesitated to let her continue studying dance because I worried it took a lot of time from her happy childhood. However, when I saw that she was completely immersed in the world of dance and was enjoying dance greatly, I felt very relieved.

In addition, she joined the Pi Pa Club at BRFLS and began learning Pi Pa with Music Teacher Cai Yanni. After two years of hard work and perseverance, she has achieved a series of good scores so far and won the gold medal in a very formal artistic competition.

As her mom, I sincerely wish she can study happily, face difficulties with great bravery and accomplish the dreams in her heart.