Walk Into the Classroom to Find Love

It has been almost two years since my child began his study at BRFLS. As a parent, I know BRFLS has several kinds of parent meetings. I like the kind that takes place on school open day on April 14th.

My favorite thing to do is to have classes with my child! He has changed a lot from walking freely at the beginning to listening to classes very carefully now. I know this big change can be attributed to the common efforts from both my child and his teachers.

Although the notification of school open day came one week ago, the English Open Class was a new class for students, so I could know how my student was doing in class through observation.

One thing I noticed was that the English teacher was aware that students have different levels of English so he gave enough attention to every student including those shy kids so they became more confident.

In the Chinese class, the teacher used many methods to make students interested in reading, and to become better thinkers, and to have broad imaginations in the future.

Seeing that my child was doing so well and was happy at school , I felt delighted and I sincerely hope that he can continue studying well at BRFLS with his classmates of grade 2 class 2!