Letters from Parents of Grade 2, Class 2

On April 14th, when the parents of Grade 2, class 2 walked into their children’s classroom, they observed, heard and felt the growth and changes of their children at BRFLS.

After their visit on School Open Day, they wrote down their feelings about this visit and their wishes to the school. Let us read their words together:

Being Jordan’s student is happy and lucky. By using methods like playing videos, showing pictures, and asking questions, he taught many animals’ names and where they live. In the second English class, students did group presentation and answered other students’ questions. I could tell students practiced this important presentation skill before and they were very confident about it. No matter what kind of job they will do in the future, presentation skills are no doubt some of the most important. – From Tang Yaxian’s father

Their Chinese Teacher Guo Longyang has many flexible ways of teaching. She created a very active classroom atmosphere for students to participate in answering questions. I also strongly agree with her that students need to read a book from beginning to end so that they can have a complete understanding of the book. – From Zhi Yaran’s mom
The two teachers’ classes today were excellent! I want to express my gratitude to the BRFLS school leaders and teachers. Only because of your love and care, these flowers can flourish in the sunshine! Let us work together to create a bright tomorrow. – From Hui Jinnuo’s mom

From the classes of these wonderful teachers, from the laughter and joyful reading of students, I finally know how magical these classes can be! – From Yang Lujia’s mom

This School Open Day is Fabulous! It not only shortens the distance between teachers, parents and students, we as parents can also be closer to our children and listen to what they think. Parents can also cooperate with school better. – From A Nuona’s mom
The students are so happy to study at BRFLS. Today was my first time to study with my child together and I was so glad to see she did a great job in classes. The teachers’ teaching ideology is exactly the same as mine. I can see he is making progress tremendously here! I am proud of you, Minghan! – From Xie Minghan’s mom